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July 8, 2015: Lecture at The Guild of Natural Science Illustrators conference

The Crisis Farm Projects: Developing Understanding Through Social Practice

Maryann Worrell

Creating a social practice centers on creating an atmosphere where the community feels comfortable participating with the project. Most artworks are considered "hands-off," but through audience driven participation and discussion, a deeper understanding of the work is possible. Artist Maryann Worrell will discuss her series of participatory works titled Crisis Farm. This work takes a critical view of environmental issues, strives to start a conversation and enact change, by breaking down the structure of the average garden to its fundamental elements of seed, soil and water. The sculptural installation expresses the limitations of these resources in a multi-layered system and invites the viewer to explore the subject in an interactive manner, fostering bigger questions about the future of food and our part in it.


Please join us on August 1 for a harvest and dining from the Seed to Table project! Please see the Street Road Artist Space site for more details! Should be a fun day-evening!!


New article in Anthropology News on Crisis Farm: Seed to Table at Street Road Artist Space.


Opening at the Street Road Artist Space! 1-6pm. Join us on August 1st for the closing of the exhibition and eat all of the lovely food grown through the exhibit!


Opening at the Gray Gallery 1-3pm, 222 Harvey Street, Philadelphia, PA


The latest project, coming in Spring to the Street Road Artist Space, called Crisis Farm: Seed to Table will be featured as part of the international Fascination with Plants 2015 events! Read more about it on the American Society of Plant Biologist blog page here: Fascination with Plants 2015


Visit the Awbury Arboretum in Germantown section of Philadelphia to view the latest works by Maryann Worrell and Carole Loeffler, titled Medatative Mediation. Show runs through February 2015.


Up coming exhibition: The Gray Gallery in Philadelphia will feature the Crisis Farm Lab exhibition. 

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