Maryann Worrell

Artist and Educator

Crisis Farm Lab and Garden

Artist Statement

Crisis Farm Lab takes a critical view of environmental issues, strives to start a conversation and enact change. Through my experience of creating a portable garden, I began an investigation into basic natural resources. Breaking down the structure of the average garden to its fundamental elements of seed, soil and water, I further discovered a system in decline due to the manipulations of large corporations and governments, climate change and lack of personal responsibility.

Crisis Farm Lab is both a warning and an encouragement. The sculptural installation expresses the limitations of these resources in a multi-layered system and invites the viewer to explore the subject in an interactive manner. By collecting a restricted quantity of each supply, my intention to clarify the plight of endangered resources, generate debate on our responsibilities to the natural world, and ultimately promote the initiative for the audience to start edible gardens of their own.


Crisis Farm


Crisis Farm Lab: Philadelphia PA, USA.  Gray Gallery

CRISIS FARM: Seed to Table

Crisis Farm: Seed to Table is an extension of Crisis Farm Lab.  Maryann Worrell and Doug Mott have created a sculptural installation expresses the encroachment of the populous and the limitations of our natural resources.  We invite the audience to take time to listen to a local farmer, Lisa, share her stories of farming and her thoughts on the current state of the farming industry.  The outside dining table garden is a participatory process.  We ask the audience to help to plant a new crop, in hypertufa bowls, reflecting on the process of planting the seed and watering, while at a dining table.  Through this, our goal is to gain understanding of where and how food is grown and the importance of ethical practice.  We invited local scout troops to help transfer the seedlings to the larger garden in June and invite the public to join us in August 1st to share in the harvest.

Crisis Farm Lab: Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare Ireland. Burren College of Art

Seed to Table, Street Road Artist Space, Cochranville, PA USA

Maryann Interview w/ Lisa